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Hello and welcome to my corner of the Simverse! This site is dedicated to my stories, challenges, and future Sims-related items I might want to share. If you somehow stumbled across this site without knowing what the Sims is, just know it is a simulation game that’s the grown-up (or not so grown up) version of playing with a dollhouse. (And then maybe do a quick Google search or head over to the EA Games site!)

Feel free to just browse around, but just look here if you want to find something specific!

The Angeline Legacy

The last son of a royal family escapes a vampire coup and revolution that destroys his kingdom. He starts over with nothing in a new country and must try to make something of his name with none of the advantages he was born with. Worse yet, a coven of vampires is on his trail to finish what they started…

Rating: PG-13. Mild language, cartoony violence (mostly against vampires), some sexual/suggestive content (no explicit sim-nudity), and adult situations, including murder.

Genre: A paranormal thriller that longs to be a comedy. Includes a director’s commentary (that’s me) that you can’t turn off.  Primarily Sim-led story. I occasionally take more control and direction, but don’t do a lot of staging.


The Angeline Legacy: Background and Rules

World of the Angeline Legacy

Lore of the Angeline Legacy


Angeline Legacy 1.1: Kyan Gets a Job

Angeline Legacy 1.2: Kyan Fights a Vampire

Angeline Legacy 1.3: Kyan and All the Damn Vampires

Angeline Legacy 1.4: Kyan and All the Wrong Women

Angeline Legacy 1.5: Kyan and the Exposition of DOOM

Angeline Legacy 1.6: Kyan in Love and Death

Angeline Legacy 1.7: Kyan Tries to be Normal

Angeline Legacy 1.8: Kyan Gets Committed (But In a Good Way)

Angeline Legacy 1.9: Kyan and the Big News

Angeline Legacy 1.10: Kyan’s New Assignment

Angeline Legacy 1.11: Sofia Gets Perspective

Angeline Legacy 1.12: Kyan Goes Hunting